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Angel Eye DRLs
Angel Eyes
Angel Eye DRLs
Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes, Ring LEDs, and DRLs

Drew's Garage has done many angel eye installations on plenty of cars other than BMW. These kits usually come sized in mm and can be installed on any headlamp or light fixture were ring leds are desirable. In addition to round led lighting, using flat linear leds are also popular anytime a DRL or accent light is called for. We can install kits, or make something custom to go inside the headlamps that accent the lamp and add the DRL or circuit functions to it.

BMW M3 Angel Eyes DRL installation:

Custom Request: Install an Angel Eye kit into a BMW M3 headlamp housing and contol them as a DRL light with the ignition.

Custom Solution: Basic Angel Eye kit installation and appropriate wiring.
Stock with no Angel Eyes
BMW Angle Eye Install
Headlamps removed
Angel Eyes Installation
Angel Eye kit installation
BMW Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes as DRLs lighted


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