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Drews Garage auto repair service and pre-purchase inspections in Schauburg Illinois
Welcome to my shop, Drew’s Garage. At my shop, I focus on you, the client, and the best way to take care of your car. I focus on building a relationship with you and helping guide you to make the best choices with repairs. I focus on making those repairs with the highest possible quality and believe that all repairs must conform to my standards, a higher standard. I focus on making this affordable for my clients and I focus on making it prompt. I focus on finding a way to personalize your service, so that you may call us your shop.

What We Do

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We are based in northeastern Schaumburg and we offer complete automotive repair service in our 5,500 square foot facility. We repair and service all import, exotic, domestic, hybrid, and classic cars and trucks. With a vast automotive knowledge base, raw automotive passion, manufacturer-specific test equipment, and the latest diagnostic computers and software, we are dedicated to all of your automotive needs.

Why We Are Here

Drews Garage auto repair service
Our philosophies and beliefs send us on a mission to create an atmosphere where a client may have fairly priced high quality automotive repair while receiving both respect and honesty. Drew's Garage was founded on the premise that repair work must be performed with the highest quality, to a higher standard of artisanship, and the client treated with the highest regard.
To A higher Standard
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Not all mechanics and technicians' work are equal or knowledge base the same. It is at Drew’s Garage where we work to a higher set of standards. My standards, which are technical, specific, particular, and detailed. It is my family crest (above) that represents a code of ethics, the drive to perfection, and desire to be the master of my trade. The crest stands for the promise that I work to a higher standard of artisanship, that I am here to insure these things for my clients and that I will use my skills wisely and honestly for them.
Some of Our Credentials
Automotive credentials include ASE, Mobile air, MACS, and diplomas in Automotive and Diesel Technologies. With academic awards such as National Honor Society and automotive certificates like VW-OBD, We take responsibility to insure both satisfaction and precision by extensive ongoing training. As technology advances, we take great pride in expanding our knowledge base, tools, and equipment. Because we are automotive enthusiasts as well as experienced and skilled technicians, we enjoy staying in front of the industry.

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